Engineering and Technology Proceedings / Instructions for Conference Organizers

Instructions for Conference Organizers

Organizers of conferences are welcome to propose research outputs from their conferences to be published in Proceedings. Conferences must fulfill the following criteria:

  1. Conferences must be focused on reporting academic research;

  2. Attendees and speakers must have an international background and primarily be from research institutes;

  3. Conferences must have an international committee composed of scholars in its research field;

  4. Conferences must have a series of academic topics to be discussed and presented;

  5. At least one qualified review report should be collected for each conference’s abstracts/proceedings.

Why Choose Proceedings as Your Publishing Venue?

Proceedings is an open access journal, published by the leading academic open access publisher, MDPI. It is dedicated to publishing all kinds of outputs from academic conferences. Each conference proceeding can be individually indexed, is citable via a digital object identifier (DOI) and is freely available under an open access license.

If you choose to publish your conference proceedings with MDPI Proceedings, benefits include:

  • Open Access: Unlimited and free access for readers.

  • A dedicated webpage for your conference: containing all conference abstracts and a description of the conference, along with links to the conference homepage.

  • Flexibility: All kinds of outputs from the conferences can be included in the Proceedings, including abstracts, proceedings, posters, etc.

  • High visibility: All published items will be assigned a digital object identifier (DOI) are citable, are available on, and appear on search engines such as Google Scholar.

  • No space constraints or color charges: No restriction on the number of the papers in an issue, number of figures, or use of color.

  • Attractive cover: Designed by our professional in-house design team.

  • Sciforum support: Optionally use of our free, professional platform to host your scientific conference, including the conference website, peer-review, and many additional features.

  • Additional services available: Options include English Editing, XML conversion, abstracts delivered on USB drives, printed books, etc.

  • Promotion of your conference on MDPI journal websites, through newsletters and social media.

Publication Procedure

  • Conference organizers submit a proposal to Proceedings.

  • Evaluation by the Proceedings editorial office.

  • Create and sign an agreement covering the costs and services.

  • Proceedings supplies article templates and logos with the conference organizer for announcement on the conference website.

  • Conference Organizers collect submissions and perform the peer review.

  • Accepted papers are delivered to Proceedings by a fixed date (before or after your conference).

  • Production, proofreading, and publication arranged by the Proceedings

  • All authors are notified by the journal once the volume has been finalized.

  • Final invoicing of the conference organizer.